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Earcine Evans
Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm, LLC
Home of Cine’ Hair and Skin Care
Pickens MS

Company Profile

I developed my products from my childhood experiences with my grandmother, Francis, a herbalist/midwife. Using all natural herbs, she helped to heal friends and neighbors near her Mississippi farm. She taught us that the best way to take care of one’s body is to eat garden fresh food and use herbal medicine- inside and outside the body.

For years I owned hair and skin salons in California where I saw plenty of problem hair, damaged hair, over-processed hair, and skin problems. When I could not find any commercial products to bring the hair and skin back to health, After 20 years of researching many different herbs and essential oils I developed my own herbal blends and have turned these home-made recipes into a potent product line.

I developed our first products in 2001 and began marketing them at the Morningside Farmer’s Market as well as many different trade shows and events throughout the state of Georgia.

We moved to our land in Pickens, Mississippi in 2004, so I would be able to grow my herbs and flowers for my product line and our family farm is a peace¬ful sanctuary where we strive to make only the healthiest of products. We follow biodynam¬ic-organic farming practices and use no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals on our plants. We use both wild crafted and cultivated herbs and flowers grown in the fresh air and sunshine where the butterflies and hummingbirds gently fly.

Already these refreshing products are marketed at Rainbow Whole Foods, Healthy Body health food stores and the Spa at St. Dominic’s Hospital, in Jackson, MS, and Health Unlimited in Atlanta, Georgia. We also sell our products at The Greater Belhaven Market in Jackson, MS.

These products are like none other on the market. They permeate and penetrate the hair and skin with potent nutritive benefits. As an herbalist, I use herbs grown on my biodynamic-organic family farm. All products are energy tested to ensure their strength and life-giving sustenance to restore the health of the hair and skin. In working with all types of hair and skin, I have found that everyone, regardless of race, needs the same nutrients to maintain health and vitality. My products are appropriate for all types of hair and skin.

My interest is to expand productivity of the quantity of product made in order to meet the increasing demand the farm is receiving. My future goals include increasing the volume of herbs grown on the farm, adding liquid soaps to the product line, adding variety in the type of herbs grown, implement herb distillation, package and sell herbal teas and tinctures, and sell fresh and dry herbs.

Mission Statement:
To empower people to honor their soul, mind, and body through the use of our healing products for hair and skin.

Our Motto:
Giving you back your skin; the natural beauty of the earth-reflected in you.

-earcine evans


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